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Prussian Fleet

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Prussian Fleet Empty Prussian Fleet

Post  Timbo Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:11 pm

This is mostly for Alex, Scott and Brian. I have too many Dystopian Wars fleets. I have decided to play Antarcticans because I think they're kind of cool and noone else locally has expressed any interest in them. Therefore I have decided to part with my Pussians. I am willing to sell all of it for 1/2 retail:

2 Rhine carriers
2 Geier bombers
1 Hussar gunship
6 Saxony corvettes
6 Wachter escorts
12 Arminius frigates
5 Towers with all of the options
a crapload of tiny fliers

$95 for the works. Act now and I'll throw in a bunker fortification model free! Just pay extra processing. Wink


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