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Post  Timbo Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:11 am

Hey guys. Been playing FoW for about 5 years on and off. I took a lengthy break for a couple years but I'm back and excited about v3 and the great Saskatoon FoW community! I have mid-war Russians and Germans, infantry and armour for both nations. My German armour is a WIP, but everything else is painted. My next project will hopefully be mid-war Canadian infantry. I've always been interested in Ortona. The mid-war period is my real passion, but I'll probably cave and do some late-war since that is what most seem to prefer. I've already had enjoyable games against Brian, Lorne, Shaun, and Roch. I've played many times against old hands Ryan and Scott. I look forward to meeting the rest of the Saskatoon guys soon!


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