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Regina Tournament

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Regina Tournament Empty Regina Tournament

Post  lorsve Tue May 21, 2013 1:55 pm

How did the Regina tournament go? Who placed?


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Regina Tournament Empty Re: Regina Tournament

Post  Timbo Tue May 21, 2013 4:56 pm

It was pretty fun. Lance delayed the start a bit waiting for a few players, and then the first round ran a bit long. Then the lunch ran a bit long. Consequently the second round didn't start until well after 1:00 which didn't leave a lot of time to complete the last two rounds. My last two games ended in draws in 5 and 4 turns respectively. I probably would have won the second, and definitely would have won the third, so it was a bit disappointing. That said, it was the same for everyone so cudos to Wayne who ended up winning with his Strelkovy. I think Shawn placed in the top 3. There were plenty of door prizes to go around as well (I won one!). Duncan from Manitoba brought a modular river table to play on which was gorgeous.

The scenarios were Free for All, Counterattack, and Pincer. I played my Tankovy list. My toughest game was round two against Chris' Panzers to the Meuse 2PzD. I had to defend with mobile reserves and he got spearhead/recce moves all over the place. Consequently he was on the objective on turn 2 and I failed my first three reserve rolls. I therefore had to feed platoons into his MG meatgrinder to buy time for my reserves to turn the tide. Things were starting to look up for me on turn 5 when time was called. I had killed two platoons, and he had a single Puma and a single armoured AA gun in two other platoons (he started with 7 platoons). Both of his Panzer 4 platoons were reduced as well. I had lost 2 platoons, and had a tenuous objective contest with my CiC's Matilda. I still could have lost, but things were definitely in my favour at that point. He just didn't have a lot left on the board. 3-2 draw (I started with 9 platoons).

Round 1 I got a 6-1 versus a relatively inexperienced player, who combined some horrible luck with a few rookie mistakes. He was a great sport about it though. Highlight was my 45mm obr 1942 command team capturing a King Tiger. Hero of the Soviet Union for that man! Andrew, I look forward to playing you again.

Round 3 I played against Avril who was there with Duncan. She (understandably) wanted to play on his river table. Knowing I had to attack I was far less keen, but if a pretty girl asks you to do something the correct answer is almost always "yes". So river table it was. I managed to cross both bridges, and my towed ZIS-2s flanked and killed her Panther platoon. At this point it was just a matter of my Matildas assaulting her Panzergrenadiers (just MG teams) off of the objective. However time was called on turn 4 so it ended up being a 2-1 draw.


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