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Canucks transports question

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Canucks transports question Empty Canucks transports question

Post  Shaun Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:18 pm


Since we have you here:

The Canadian Motor Platoons can upgrade their armoured trucks with Kangaroos at +15 per squad. Thats three kangaroos for 45 points.

The Canadian Infantry Platoons can take a transport section of 3 Kangaroos for +20 points.

Was this intentional or an error? If intentional, what was the rationale?


Thanks for the question!

That does seem odd, and Mark (Bullyboy) mentioned it at Shifting Sands. I'll have to look into that but what I suspect might have happened is that the points spent on the upgrade should be for the whole platoon, not the individual motor squads. I'll confirm with the team and add that to my notes. I'll let you know one way or another.


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