Good things to know when playing against or with Tank Destroyers

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Good things to know when playing against or with Tank Destroyers

Post  Jeff M on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:17 pm

Hey guys so after the tourney I reviewed the TD rules as they are updated in Lessons from the front ( just for my own personal knowledge as I have a platoon of them in my own American army. The security section can in fact leave a team behind and pop from there. when the command team is killed it jumps to another in command distance a type of german mission tactics kind of, if there are no other teams in command then the command is destroyed and the security section becomes a leaderless platoon ie. cannot move ect. This however does not prevent the TDs from popping from this last team, "In addition, if the Security Section has no Command team when the Tank Destroyer Section is placed, the entire Tank Destroyer Section must Reorganise when they are placed." -pg 12 of lessons from the front.
If that last team in the now leaderless platoon is destroyed before the TDs pop then they must pop from the position of the destroyed command team.Another thing to keep in mind is that since the TD platoons don't perform actual "ambushes" as per the rulebook they do not benefit from prepared positions when they pop.

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